5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

We all know the internet can be the best and worst place for moms. One minute you're celebrating a friend's pregnancy announcement and the next you're convinced your child has the rare disease your best friend's husband's cousin just posted about. To keep your Insta-scrolling happy (and helpful!) we've rounded up our favorite Instagram accounts that every mom (and dad!) should follow. 

1. Taking Cara Babies (@takingcarababies)-CARA IS THE BEST! I can give this account complete credit for the 12-13 hours a night that my son sleeps. Not only does Cara offer online sleep training classes that WORK she also posts tips daily that are invaluable. She presents everything in a calm, realistic way so you don't have to worry about #mompanic. Check out her saved highlights for tons of quick tips. Cara, call us-let's be friends!

2. Feeding Littles (@feedinglittles)-Full disclosure I didn't do baby led weaning with my son or pay for their online feeding courses (I know people who have and loved it), but I do find their daily tips on Instagram to be so helpful. They've helped me compile a mighty list of snacks and meals and are great at explaining what's safe for kids to eat so I don't have to worry (as much) about my son choking. 

3. Bumble Baby (@bumble.baby)- Kate from Bumblebaby is a NICU nurse mom that is here to make you feel confident as a mom. She keeps it real and is great for keeping up to date on safe practices for parenting. For Chicago moms, she's based in the suburbs and hosts events regularly focusing on things like CPR. If you're not in the area, you can book Facetime or DM consultations with her to help with anything from breastfeeding to toddler discipline. Kate is the mom's helper we all need to live with us! 

4. The Everymom (@theeverymom)- The Everymom is my go-to place for relatable mom content. Let's just say they "get it". Whether you need tips on sleep training or an article on coping with returning to work, The Everymom has it all! I find myself constantly sending their articles to my mom friends because they're that good.

5. Busy Toddler (@busytoddler)- Susie from Busy Toddler is just trying to get to naptime and aren't we all?! This Instagram account is FULL of genius activities to do with your toddlers. Everything is hands-on, creative, and totally doable. If you're less into creating and more into buying she also has a great toy list in her highlights that encourages open-ended play. 

Go forth and scroll, mama!



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