Amazon Finds - Home Organization

Amazon Finds - Home Organization

I go through spurts of inspiration when it comes to home organization! After months of following the Home Edit on Instagram, I've finally started to tackle projects around the house and these are some of my favorite finds I've found in this organization journey!

Bathroom Sink Organizer - These little slide-out basket organizers are a GAME-CHANGER. I majorly geeked out when they arrived and immediately went to organize my bathroom cabinets. You can actually find all the crap under the sink now and there is so much more room to fill it with more crap!

Air-Tight Food Storage Containers - Like every other mom in 2020, I've been influenced to organize my tiny pantry. After much research, I finally settled on this multi-pack of air-tight containers for the overflowing packages of chips, cereal, and crackers in my pantry (no low-carb lovers here!) I love that you can easily erase the label and they're dishwasher safe. 

Food Storage

 Farmhouse Bread Box -  As carb lovers, we always have a selection of breads and I was so tired of seeing them stacked on the toaster or shoved in a large bowl on the counter. I was influenced by Lauren Mulloy, and purchased this adorable farmhouse style bread box. It holds SO MUCH BREAD and looks adorable on the counter!

Home-It Mop and Broom Storage - Our garage is VERY cluttered so I started small and decided to get the shovels, mops, and brooms off the ground and onto this mounted Mop and Broom Holder.

Dresser Drawer Organizers - I have some Ikea organizers in my kids drawers but needed some different sizes to tackle my dresser. This set worked great and comes in a few different colors!

Mesh Zipper Pouches - If you follow us on instagram, you saw these amazing mesh zipper pouches on our Toddler Tip Tuesday! I used them to organize my kid's toys, puzzles, and games. They take up so much less space than boxes and are easy to throw in the diaper bag for extra clothes, toys, etc!


Hope you love these new amazon finds! Throw on your Windy City Crew and get going! Happy organizing!! 




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