Easy Activities for Littles

Easy Activities for Littles

You never realize how much you leave your house with your kids until you can't, right? We've been brainstorming ways to entertain our kids over the upcoming weeks. Here is a great round-up of resources to keep your littles busy so you can stay sane! (Don't worry-we like to keep things V simple!)

Morning Meeting

This one is inspired from my teaching days. Most classrooms kick the day off with a morning meeting that consists of something like:

  • Song
  • Weather
  • Calendar
  • Share

This is super easy to duplicate at home, even if you don't have fancy classroom tools. Simply, find a spot on the rug for your "morning meeting" each morning. Then:

  • Song: start by singing a song you know like Wheels on the Bus, Baby Shark, or Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Weather: take a trip to the window to talk about the weather together. Is it cloudy? Is it sunny? Does it look cold, warm, or hot? Is it windy? Is it raining? Is it snowing? How should we dress today?
  • Calendar: write down the days of the week and discuss what day it is today. What day will it be tomorrow? What day was it yesterday?
  • Share: pick a topic for the day and everyone answers! What do you want to be when you grow-up? What's your favorite game and why? How can you show kindness? What should you do if you're feeling sad/angry/lonely?

Preschool Learning Packet

Preschool Home Learning Packet NO PREP

Teachers Pay Teachers is an AMAZING resource for finding activities developed by teachers. We love this no-prep packet designed for Kindergartners or this Toddler Activity Kit for Toddlers. This packet focuses on October, but your toddler won't know the difference :).

Brain Pop Jr. 

BrainPOP Homepage

Another amazing educational resource is the website BrainPOP Jr. This website has lots of free resources! The videos are fun, educational, and include a game/activity you can complete together.

Water Play

Water play is a huge hit in our house. You can use the bath tub, shower, or even the sink. We LOVE our kitchen tower for playing in the sink with cups and sponges and for practicing washing our hands! Some other water toys we love are:

1. Color My Bath// 2. Bath Slime // 3. Bath Crayons // 4. Bath Finger Paint // 5. Glo Pals // 6. Bath Buckets // 7. Bottle Brush (for pretend cleaning) // 8. Play Sink

Post-it Matching

We all have post-its laying around and they're perfect for playing matching games. Just draw shapes, numbers, letters, or pictures on a set of post-its and play a matching game with your toddler! To make it even more fun, let them match the post-its by sticking them on the wall.

TinkerTot Boxes

TinkerTots Boxes

Our first TinkerTot box is on the way, but we have heard AMAZING things about these interactive boxes. These boxes give you all the supplies you need to to do an educational and fun activity with your little one #win.

Play-Doh Play

Another classic that you probably have laying around the house is play-doh. You can take play-doh play a step further by:

  • Standing uncooked pasta up in flat or balled up play-doh
  • Sticking plastic bugs/animals/legos in the play-doh to create "fossils"
  • "Cook" with play-doh using a play rolling pin, cookie cutters, and plates 
  • Create faces with googly eyes and pipe cleaners
  • Create numbers or letters in your play-doh using pebbles from the backyard
  • Create impressions of flowers and leaves
  • Create small balls and stick to windows
  • Use play-doh as "dirt" in trucks and tractors

Sensory Bins

Magnetic Letters In Rice

Sensory bins can seem really overwhelming but they don't need to be! Think of sensory bins as putting a dedicated activity into a confined space rather than something that needs to be complicated or super cute. Some really simple ideas for sensory bins are:

  • Place your play-doh activity from above in a bin and invite your toddler to play
  • Fill a bin with water and invite your child to "clean" their plastic toys using a brush 
  • Put kinetic sand into a bin along with cups and spoons for your child to play with 
  • Fill a bin with rocks and trucks and invite your child to play
  • Put paper towel rolls and pom poms in a bin and invite your child to explore how the balls can fit into the rolls
  • Put magnet letters into rice and invite your toddler to find the letters and magnet them to the fridge
  • Fill a bin with water and explore how different toys sink or float with your child
  • Fill a bin with a bunch of different toys and play iSpy by having your child find the toy you're describing or asking for 

I love keeping these bins on hand for sensory bins! 

Some other great websites for resources are:

Share any other ideas you love for your own kids in the comments below! 

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