Best Baby Shower Gifts

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Being in our mid-30s with 5 kids between us now means we've had and attended our fair share of baby showers! Here is a list of our favorite gifts to give and receive!

Snuggle Me Lounger - I didn't have this with my first 2 and it was by far my favorite baby item for my third! This is high on my list for gifts to give first time moms!

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Sack - This genius sleep sack gives babies the feeling of still being held with the strategic weights. Another baby shower fave!

Diaper Rash Spray - Not the most glamorous baby shower gift but by far the most practical and useful. Your friend will be thanking you when she's not slathering butt cream on her baby and is instead just using this little handy dandy sprayer!

SOS Sleep Box - There is nothing a new mom needs more than sleep and this Sleep Box has a variety of swaddles and pacifiers to help! Different babies have different preferences when it comes to pacifiers and swaddles, so having a variety is a must have for new moms.

Portable Sound Machine - Another item I didn't have with my first 2 but was a game changer with my 3rd. We attach it to the stroller, car seat, and Ergo so the baby can easily fall asleep on the go. It's also great for muffling the sounds of older siblings during the newborn phase when the baby is asleep in the living room. 

Ergo 360 - Of all the carriers I've tried, I always go back to the Ergo 360. Once baby is big enough to fit in it we use it all the time. It has held up for all 3 of my kids and is great for facing in or out. You can put it on by yourself easily too which is an added bonus! 

Copper Pearl Car Seat Cover - Having a car seat cover is amazing for cold days, going to the store, or just trying to keep strangers away from the baby! Copper Pearl has the most amazing fabrics and they make lots of other great pieces so you can do a whole themed gift with their great covers, blankets, and bibs!




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