Connor's Birth Story

Connor's Birth Story

Our little guy arrived last month and it still feels like yesterday! It was a crazy experience and I want to remember it forever! 

My due date was Sunday September 26 but my doctor said he would try and induce me my 39th week. I wasn't holding my breath though because I'd heard from friends that the hospital had been slammed with births and inductions were frequently getting canceled. My doctor said he would put me on the waitlist for a Monday or Tuesday induction and the hospital would call if they had space. Monday came and went without a call from the hospital (which was for the best since my mom's flight was delayed and she was our childcare!) I got a call that afternoon from my doctor's assistant saying he wanted me to come in for a membrane sweep on Tuesday morning with the Nurse Practitioner since he was on at the hospital that day and night and he was hoping it would send me into labor so he could deliver me. I was PUMPED and nervous because I never had a sweep done with the other 2 pregnancy's.

(Last bump pic)

Tuesday morning I went in for the sweep at 10am and it was over so quickly! It was definitely uncomfortable but not as bad as I anticipated. The nurse said I was 2cm and to call the office at 2 and let them know if I was having any contractions so they could send me to triage. I left and made it my mission to get things going. I proceeded to walk over 10 miles that day and did the Labor Induction workout at least 15 times. My contractions were coming all day but weren't consistent or super painful. At 3 my doctor called to check in and see if the contractions were coming closer and I said no so he said once they get to 10 minutes apart go to the hospital and he'd come in if I had progressed to 3cm. 

By 6pm the contractions were more consistent and slightly more painful so I decided to go ahead in and get checked. We got to the hospital around 7pm and checked in to triage. While we were in the waiting room, another couple we had just me at a birthday party that weekend came in! We were both shocked and laughing because we had joked at the party about how funny it would be if we had the babies on the same day! We chatted for a few and then the nurse called me back to get checked out. She checked me and I was devastated to learn I was still only at 2cm. She told me my doctor said to keep me until 9:30 and then check me again. If I made any progress at all he was going to have them admit me and start pitocin. She left and I got to work doing as many squats as I could and the 7 minute labor inducing workout every 20 minutes. I joked to Clark that it's called labor not rest so I was going to put in my work. I did start to get worried that my legs would be so tired from my 10 miles of walking and hundreds of squats that I wouldn't be able to push, but I kept it up anyways!

9:30 rolls around and I was feeling stronger contractions and was very hopeful when the nurse came in. She confirmed I was at 3cm, and they were going to admit me. She came back in a few minutes later and did my covid test and put in the IV. She said it would be a little while because they were waiting on a delivery room to open up so I tried to relax for a bit but my contractions were picking up. 

At 10:30 I told Clark that I was getting really uncomfortable and wanted an epidural so he was about to page the nurse when she came back in to tell us it was going to be a little longer. Right as she walked in, I felt a gush and asked if it was blood or my water breaking. She confirmed it was my water and panic and extreme pain set in. The contractions started coming fast and furious and lasted for close to 2 minutes each time. Clark told the nurse that I had my daughter within 5 minutes of my water breaking last time and the nurse could tell I was getting close to transition. She called up to L&D and told them we were coming and paged the anesthesiologist. I was moaning and screaming and saying who knows what as we went through the halls and elevator. I had epidurals by 4cm with my previous pregnancies so this was a whole new ballgame for me (so much respect for all of you who do it naturally!)

We got to the room and we didn't have a nurse yet so our triage nurse stayed with me. She checked my while we waited for the anesthesiologist and I was at 8cm. I couldn't focus on anything except wanting the epidural and was thrilled when the doctor came in. They got the epidural in around 11:30 and after a few more awful contractions I could relax. They said it would probably be a little bit so try and rest and my doctor had just gotten there and was changing and would be in my room soon. 

10 minutes later I said I felt so much pressure and sure enough they could see the babies head. My doctor rushed in and 3 pushes later, Connor Kent Griffiths came screaming into the world at 11:50 pm on 9/21/21. Not knowing the gender was such a fun experience. He looked so tiny to me and weighed 7lbs 13 oz (1 oz more than Payton!)

After a few minutes the doctors let me know my placenta was stuck again. UGH!! Luckily they were able to reach in and retrieve it (THANK GOD I WAS ABLE TO GET THAT EPIDURAL). They performed an ultrasound and confirmed they were able to get the whole thing out. After that horrid experience, I was finally able to relax with Connor and we then our nurse took us to our postpartum room. Funny enough the only room they had was the infectious disease room so we had a large room with 2 sets of doors and signs saying to gown up before entry! It took our nurse 2 trips around the floor before we could find the room! Poor girl was 8 months pregnant and Clark was schlepping all our bags as we circled the floor looking for it!

(Hanging out in the infectious disease room)

We stayed 1 night and had to stop by our friend's room on the way out! They had their daughter a few hours before we had Connor! So fun having birthday twins! Clark and Laura (the mom) grew up together so it made the experience so special.

(Meeting Baby Isla)

We're slowly adjusting to life as a family of 5 and each day we find our groove a little bit more! 

(Proud Big Brother & Sister)

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