5 Easy Toy Storage Solutions

5 Easy Toy Storage Solutions

toy storage solutions

Before having kids I was pretty content living in a messy house. After having Graham I feel like I'm constantly drowning in clutter. I'm not sure if it's the extra stuff or that trusty mom anxiety, but I can't stand going to bed without our main living spaces cleaned up (or at least clean enough that I'm not at risk for being recruited for an episode of Hoarders). I like my clean up at the end of the day to be extra quick and easy. These are my favorite storage solutions that fit these must-have criteria:

  1. EASY--I can quickly toss items in without it feeling like a puzzle. 
  2. ACCESSIBLE--Graham can easily access his toys throughout the day without me.
  3. STYLISH--We don't have fancy built in cabinets or space for a playroom so our storage pieces need to double as decor. 

Project 62 Storage Bench

Target storage bench

I'm not too proud to say, "Target does it again!" This storage bench has been a lifesaver and looks perfect in our mid-century modern meets bohemian living room. It sneaky fits a lot without taking up a lot of space and has two compartments that are perfect for toys and books. It's also low enough that Graham can easily open the doors and take toys in and out. Should I hold out hope that he'll clean up his own toys someday?!?!

Costzon 3 in 1 Kids Table

Kids storage table

Is there anything worse than crayons, markers, metallic pipe cleaners, glue, and pom poms spread all over the house? No, the answer is no. This table is one of Graham's favorite gifts from Christmas. He eats all of his snacks and meals at this table and loves to spend time drawing each morning here after breakfast too. The table top lifts up so you can fit tons of supplies underneath AND the tabletop doubles as a chalkboard/whiteboard! The storage bins under each seat are roomy too--great for smaller toys like blocks or cars. 

Pehr Storage Bins

kids toy storage

I know storage bins aren't an earth shattering idea, but these are the CUTEST! I proudly display them on the lower shelf of our sofa table and they fit tons of toys. These are the absolute best for hiding tons of junk when someone just told you they're stopping by. These aren't cheap, but they keep their shape really well and are stylish enough to double as decor. 

Under Bed Storage Bins

kids toy storage

This is another great solution for those of you who live in small houses like me! To keep the clutter at a minimum I need to store a lot of toys and books in clever places then rotate them in and out. These under bed storage bins are PERFECT for storing books away temporarily. They can also fit smaller toys like blocks, legos, shakers, and cars. 

Plastic Bins with Lids

kids toy storage

You've definitely seen these bins before, but stick with me. These bins are my go-to for the messy activities l want to bust out on a rainy day. I reserve all of the activities that need hands-on supervision for these bins such as kinetic sand, water toys, sensory bins, and paint. You can put each activity in its own bin, stack them on the floor of a closet (or under a crib!), and bust them out when you're ready to be super mom. 

Alright Mama, go forth and organize! Have other storage solutions you love? Share them in the comments below!

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