Fall & Winter Activities for Toddlers

Fall & Winter Activities for Toddlers

As the cold weather makes trips to the playground a thing of the past, we've been on the hunt for activities to entertain these little energizer bunnies (aka toddlers). Here is a list of our fave indoor activities that won't break the bank and don't require a master's degree in crafting.

1. Fall Sticky Tree (Toddler Approved)- Super easy to set up and would be so easy to recreate a similar activity in a Christmas Tree shape. Use painter's tape to keep your walls safe!

2. Indoor Leaf Raking (Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten) - This easy activity with a kid's rake and some more of those fake leaves will provide endless entertainment and is great practice for getting them ready to help with yard work later on haha! Have them scoop them into baskets or sort by color for older kiddos!

3. Fake Snow (Little Bins Little Hands)- We have no shortage of snow here in Chicago, but this easy fake snow recipe is perfect for entertaining littles during those super chilly days. All you need is baking soda, cornstarch, and water! 

4. Frozen Pom Poms (Happy Toddler Playtime) - My kids love anything that involves paintbrushes and a spray bottle so this activity is right up their alley! Pom poms are great for so many activities so we always stay stocked!

5. Snowball Painting (Brilliant Little Ideas) - Break out those pom poms again, some paint, and clothespins and your kiddo is ready to create a masterpiece! This activity is a little messy, but luckily our sweatshirts are easy to wash!


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