Favorite Beach Products

Favorite Beach Products

Growing up in Virginia Beach, going to the beach quickly became my favorite thing to do. Fast forward to life with kids and going to the beach is not quite as relaxing as it once was. I've learned that it's important to be super prepared and have low expectations. Here are a few of my must-haves for days at the beach with littles!

Washable Picnic Blanket - This adorable picnic blanket has been a staple in my stroller for the past year. It's massive, easy to fold, and machine washable. I recently discovered it's amazing for the beach too. The sand shakes off easily and the large size is perfect for multiple kiddos. Much easier than laying out multiple towels and the sand shakes off the polyester much better than terry cloth. Added bonus, it has a carrying strap and is light enough to make your 4-year-old carry it!

Backpack Beach Chair - While it is certainly not chic, a backpack beach chair is a must when lugging toddlers to the beach. Throw your towels in the pouch and strap it on your back and you're ready to go. 

Toddler Swim Vest - I'm a big fan of swim vests until kids are great swimmers. We have our kids put them on when they're near the water and this kind with the shoulder harness seems to stay on best!

Bare Sunscreen - This sunscreen literally feels like butter on your face! It turns from a cream to a powder feel on your skin. So soft, lightweight and isn't sticky! Perfect for everyday wear and long days at the beach!


Pop-up Tent - This pop-up tent is perfect for a break from the sun for little ones and doubles as a great nap spot for babies and toddlers! Easy to popup and lightweight!


Baby Powder - Baby powder is a must have for sandy hands and feet! Sprinkle a little on and rub the sand right off. We keep a bottle in our beach bag and stroller for the park sand box!Baby Powder



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