The Best Cleaning Supplies for Moms

The Best Cleaning Supplies for Moms

I've never been a neat-freak or someone who gets joy out of cleaning, but being home ALL THE TIME now has completely shifted my viewpoint! I now find myself browsing Amazon constantly for new products and ordered a Steam Mop for Mother's Day. These are some of my favorite cleaning tools and products that have managed to bring me happiness in Quarantine 2020. Throw on your fave State of Play Sweatshirt and get cleaning!

Bissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner - Our couch is 5 years old and after 2 kids and a VERY messy husband, it was looking like it was on its last leg. It's the type of material that shows stains even if it's just water you spill (definitely wouldn't have bought it had I known that)! In a last-ditch effort, I ordered this little Bissell Cleaner after reading tons of reviews and scouring before and after pics. After 30 minutes of hardcore cleaning, our couch looks brand new. In a sick way, it is soooo satisfying seeing the dirty water come out as you clean it. It is a must-buy for anyone with a dog, toddler, or messy husband!

Bissell Little Green

HOPE'S Perfect Stainless Steel Cleaner - While we love the look of our stainless steel appliances, our kids seem to have a pact to see who can put more dirty fingerprints on them each day. This cleaner is the best one I've found that gets rid of marks and doesn't leave streaks. A little goes a long way, so a bottle lasts a while even if you need to use it every day!

HOPE'S Stainless Steel Cleaner

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner - As someone who despised cleaning, I was late to the Dyson game because I couldn't fathom spending over $300 on a vacuum. Fast forward to the 1000th time I swept up crumbs from my toddler and I decided to get the V8 for my birthday. It arrived and it was love at first sight. It's so easy to use, easy to empty, and has attachments that are great for cleaning the car too. For anyone on the fence, trust me it's worth every penny. I now vacuum multiple times a day which was hard for me to imagine pre-Dyson.

Dyson V8


Scrub Daddy - We love these sponges so much, we gave them to our families for Christmas last year! They never smell, you can throw them in the dishwasher, and they change from soft to hard based on the water temp. I remember seeing them years ago on Shark Tank and I didn't understand the hype. I finally tried them after getting tired of throwing out stinky sponges constantly and I'm obsessed. Who doesn't love a smiling sponge!??!?

Scrub Daddy Sponge

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets - We have a front load washer and it is terrible! If you forget to keep the door cracked, you are greeted with the most disturbing musty smell the next day. My dad recommended these tablets when I was venting about the smell and I ordered them ASAP. They really do get any lingering scent out and they're super easy to use. We keep them stocked and use them at least once a month.

Affresh Cleaning Tablets 

Bissell Steam Mop - Kyle inspired me to purchase the Steam Mop. The Swiffer just has not been cutting it anymore with the amount of smushed food that ends up on the floors. I bought mine for Mother's Day (my husband got off the hook this year) and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival!Bissell Steam Mop



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