Favorite Items for Baby #3

Favorite Items for Baby #3

Now that Connor has been in our family for a full 3 weeks, I'm just starting to hit my stride. It's amazing how many new baby items there are now compared to when I had my other kids 5 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years ago! I tried to be good about not buying too much new stuff but there were a few things I couldn't resist!

Dreamland Weighted Baby Swaddle - Connor was waking up every hour to hour and a half those first few nights at home so I ordered one of these weighted sleep swaddles after reading hundreds of reviews! By day 2 of using it, he was doing 2 1/2 - 4 hour stretches at night! I haven't been using the swaddle portion because he likes to keep his hands by his face and this weighted sleep sack seems to help his startle reflex even with his hands out! I highly recommend!

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger - We had a boppy lounger for our first 2, but it was recently recalled and I kept hearing good things about this infant lounger! I am SO HAPPY we bought one! We keep it in the living room as a safe place to lay the baby when his big brother and sister are around. He seems so cozy in it and it is easy to clean!

Haakaa Breast Pump - I discovered the Haakaa with my second and got a new one for Connor. It is amazing if you're breastfeeding especially in the beginning when your milk is regulating. I don't like pumping so this is great to build up a small freezer supply without doing much work!

Magnetic Sleepers - With 3 kids, who has time for snaps! A friend gave me magnetic sleepers for Payton and now I gift them to friends with newborns! They make diaper changes a breeze!

Maxi Cosi Zelia Travel System - I was super bummed when our infant car seat was ruined from the water damage in our garage but the silver lining meant I could justify buying a new one! I decided to buy another Maxi Cosi and get the stroller to go with it since I knew we'd be getting the baby in and out of the car constantly with the multiple school drop-offs and pickups! It's been super easy to open and shut and the stroller has a great under carriage!

Baby Bjorn Carrier - A friend passed one down to me and I like it more than the Ergo I used with my first 2! It's easier to put on by yourself and seems better for newborns than the Ergo. I'll probably switch back to the Ergo when Connor is a little bigger but for now it is amazing and gets us through the witching hour!

Gathre Changing Mat - These vegan leather changing mats are THE BEST! They fold up so small and are easy to clean! Love them for the diaper bag!

Portable Sound Machine - I can't believe I never had one of these portable sound machines with my first 2 kids. It's a game changer for getting the baby to nap! I clip to the car seat on the go and put it near him if he's napping in the living room while the older 2 are home!

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