Gift Ideas for New Big Brother's and Sisters

Gift Ideas for New Big Brother's and Sisters

The arrival of a new baby is so exciting but it can be so hard on the new big brother/sister. When we were prepping for the arrival of our second baby, I made sure to get some gifts for Gavin from his new baby sister, as well as stock up on some gifts he could open when presents arrived for the new baby. He was only a little over 2 when she was born so gifts that would occupy him when I was busy with the baby were perfect! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas!

1. Magnatiles - These magnetic blocks are a staple in our house for creative play. We bought these for Gavin and wrapped them as a gift from his new sister to open when he met her. He is now 5 and still loves to play with them! Great gifts for big brothers or sisters! If you already have the tiles, these Magna-Qubix are a fun addition to the collection. Added bonus-they're great for travel and dining out!

2. Baby Doll & Doll Carrier- We gave Gavin a baby doll before his sister arrived and he started out throwing it on the ground...we were terrified lol but he eventually warmed up to the idea of a "baby"! He started asking me to use my scarf to make a baby carrier for his doll like my Ergo 360. We eventually got a baby doll carrier and it was perfect!

3. Matching Outfits - We love our Party in The USA Tees for some adorable photoshoots for the new siblings! My kiddos love to match/coordinate and our regional pieces are a fun variation to the traditional Big Bro, Little Bro tees!

4. Daniel Tiger - The Baby is Here - We read a lot of books leading up to the birth of P to prepare Gavin and this was hands down his favorite! I've also heard great things about Little Miss, Big Sis !

 5. Kids Digital Camera - We all can't resist taking thousands of photos of our new babies and with this Kid's Digital Camera, the new big brother/sister can "help" mom and dad take lots of pics!

6. Reusable Sticker Pad - It was important for Gavin to some quiet activities he could do semi-independently while I fed the baby, and these reusable stickers were perfect. 

7. SOS Big Sibling Box - The SOS Big Sibling Box is the perfect gift for new big siblings! It's full of fun big brother/big sister gear and activities to entertain them when the baby arrives!

8. Doctor Kit - My son loves playing doctor, and this little kit was great for talking about the new baby and mommy going to the hospital!

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