How to Display Kids' Artwork

How to Display Kids' Artwork

My kiddos love to constantly create art which is amazing except I could never find a good way to display it. I had been using a chalkboard and clip magnets and the result was a hodgepodge of color.

I knew I wanted something that was simple and easy to change out the art. After some searching, I stumbled on these frames on Amazon. They are 10x12.5 and have a mat so they're intended for 8.5x11 art (perfect for my kids who love to use construction paper and computer paper). The frame itself is deep and is used for storage for the artwork. You can change out the art constantly since they open from the front and have a magnetic close. They come in a handful of colors and I ordered the black and white to see what I liked better. 

I wanted to do a little gallery wall in our hallway and decided on 9 frames to fill the space. The white was definitely the winner so I did my measuring and got to work! I ended up using Command Strips instead of nails so the measuring didn't have to be so perfect thank goodness. 

Once they were up, my kids and I got to work displaying some of our fave pieces! Since we hung them last week, they have changed the art hundreds of times and we all love it!

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