Tips for a Fun and Easy Gender Reveal

Tips for a Fun and Easy Gender Reveal


We're thrilled to be adding our second boy to the family in March 2021. Since we've been doing close to nothing thanks to COVID, we wanted to make our gender reveal a fun socially distanced activity as something special to look forward to. Gotta celebrate all the things during this crazy time!! 

Since you don't have control over when you get your results and want to find out the gender ASAP, we put our reveal together on a quick timeline. Here's a breakdown of how it all came together!

1. Find a Reveal That Doesn't Need to Ship

There are SO many options for how to reveal the gender of the baby and I found that dealing with shipping times added a layer of stress I didn't need. So, I recommend finding a reveal option that you can pick up locally. Balloons are definitely the most accessible option!

We went with a beautiful balloon display from Waterlemon Kids. The balloons were easy to order, quick to pick-up, and added a really festive touch to the party! 

If you don't live in the area, you can get gender reveal balloons at party stores like Party City or you can create your own box that reveals pink or blue balloons when you open it! 

2. Add a Personal Touch

There's nothing more personal than a gender reveal so it's fun to add something personal to your pregnancy to the decor. I love these old wives tales charts to share your prediction for gender based on those old wives tales we all know and love. 

I created this chart for the party and you can print it here. Fill it out, toss it into a frame, and you're good to go! 

3. Serve COVID Friendly Foods

In these strange times I always try to serve food in containers so that guests aren't touching shared food. I also don't like to spend any of the party in the kitchen so we kept food super simple for this party. We offered guests popcorn in individual containers and Jimmy Johns subs in the wrapper that we cut into half. Both of these options were easy, cheap, and safe for guests to grab and enjoy! You can find deets on the popcorn containers below.

4. Grab Easy Decorations on Amazon

To piggyback off of my earlier concerns about shipping times, I grabbed festive decorations that I knew would come quickly from Amazon Prime. I got this gender reveal kit from Amazon that comes with plates, napkins, cups, and straws-one and done!

For the popcorn, I grabbed these easy containers in pink and blue and gender reveal stickers to put on each container for a finished look. Tip: so you don't have to worry about the pinks and blues matching perfectly put the "Team Boy" stickers on the pink containers and the "Team Girl" stickers on the blue containers. 

5. Take Lots of Pics!

You'll definitely want to remember this special moment, so don't forget to enlist your friends and family to take lots of pictures during the reveal. We got so many special photos we'll definitely be framing and of course, adding to baby boy #2's baby book! 


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