Kyle's Christmas List for the Boys

Kyle's Christmas List for the Boys

I normally wait until the last moment to order Christmas gifts, but this year things are already selling out so I'm jumping in early. Finding Christmas gift ideas is seriously a full time job. Ideas for ourselves, the kids, grandparents, siblings, woof! Here is the breakdown of what we're getting for our own family and what we're asking for! 

 gift ideas for babies and toddlers

Gifts for Toddler Boys

Graham is our 3.5 year old, car loving wild man. I already purchased the first three items from Amazon and asking for the rest from grandparents. 

  • PAW Patrol Learning Box Set: This learning set is currently 56% off and is a good combo of PAW Patrol obsession and educational! 
  • KidKraft Hero Playhouse: I've been wanting a dollhouse for Graham and this is such a great option for those boys that love trucks and emergencies. 
  • Toy Cash Register: Graham is seriously obsessed with money and going to the grocery store so I thought he'd get a kick out of this cash register and the play money! 
  • Car Transporter: Cars in cars? win. 
  • Car Magnatiles: Magnatiles have been a HUGE hit in our house (definitely recommend if you don't have them) and this car kit allows you to  make them into cars. Noticing a theme? Vroom, vroom. 
  • Extra Large Dump Truck: One of Graham's best friends has extra large truckers and the boys have so much fun with them so this has been on our list for awhile. 
  • Paw Patrol Adventure Pack: Graham spotted this backpack adventure pack on the Target App. I love that it's great for pretend play! 
  • State of Play Sweatshirt: Graham needs a new Windy City Crewneck (all he'll wear to school) so that's an obvious must-have!

Gifts for Baby Boys

Tucker is 7.5 months old and just starting to crawl around and explore. I got rid of most of Graham's baby toys because they were disgusting from all his spit up, so we're starting over with a more select collection of toys. I got the first three toys for Tucker and the rest are on our wishlist from family! 

  • Foam Vehicles: Tucker is already so interested in Graham's cars, but a lot of them are not safe for him. I love that these are soft and easy for tiny hands!
  • Moonjax: Tucker *still* doesn't have any teeth so we have a lot of teething ahead of us. People swear by this teether. 
  • Jumbo Stacking Rings: How fun are these?! I think both boys will love these. 
  • Bumblebee Toy: This is one of those toys all of our friends had for their babies, but we never got. It's supposed to be a hit! 
  • Chase and Go Ball: Another great toy for babies on the move. 
  • Play Remote: Because #babiesloveremotes
  • Play Mat: I think this is such a great idea! I love that I can suction this mat onto different surfaces around the house while I'm getting things done. 
  • Pacifiers: We love this brand and always need more! 
  • Sleep Sacks: These are our favorite sleep sacks and just like pacifiers, can always use more. 
  • Stacking Cups: Stacking cups are such a simple concept, but so great for open ended play. 
  • Baby Car Set: Another set of cars because #boys
  • Music Toy: We need some interactive toys for Tucker and this one has AMAZING reviews and I love that it introduces music. 
  • Baby Booties: We really need little baby booties as we head into Winter so another practical choice!
  • State of Play Onesie: Tucker is outgrowing all his State of Play gear (crying!!) so grabbing one of these! 

Other Gift Options for Toddlers and Babies

Some great gift options that we already own and love are: 

  • Blockaroos: These blocks are so great for creative play and can be used in the bath! Definitely an investment, but grows with them. 
  • Play Cube: This is another great gift that grows with babies/toddlers. 
  • Magnatiles: Love, love, love. And yes, it's worth getting the Magnatile brand!
  • Playdoh Play Table: This is a great way to keep playdoh mess to a minimum and I love how it has compartments for storage. 
  • Wooden Trains: These are such a classic toy and never get old! You don't need a train table for these to be fun. 
  • Poke-a-Dot Book: This book is my go-to for first birthday gifts! Older babies and toddlers LOVE it. 
  • Personalized Names and Faces Book: Such a memorable and special gift. Graham still loves looking at this personalized book of family members!
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