Last Minute "EASY" Valentine's for Preschool

Last Minute "EASY" Valentine's for Preschool

My son's school is pretty anti-treats so I decided to err on the side of caution this year and go for non-candy valentine's for his preschool. I dove deep into Pinterest for something cute (gotta keep any judgy-mommys quiet) that my son would love and wouldn't require too much crafting for my non-crafty self. I've compiled a list of my front-runners for any other parent out there who is scrambling. We ultimately went with the "Have a Super Valentine's Day" and they turned out super cute!

Have a Super Valentine's Day - My son is VERY into superheroes right now, so we went with the felt superhero masks and used a hole puncher to tie the mask to these adorable superhero cards. You can also do printables from Etsy and Pinterest but that felt like too much work to me, so Amazon to the rescue! Added bonus: the mask set I ordered had 33 masks and my son's class only has 12 students, so our dress-up bin is now stocked!


Idea and Photo Courtesy of DiaryofDavesWife

You Blow Me Away Valentine - Bubbles are a big hit in the 5 and under crowd so these adorable bubble Valentine's are sure to be well received! Easy and inexpensive, you could add bubbles to any Valentine's Day Card set if your kiddo would rather give cards with their fave character!

Love is in the air! These adorable mini bubble wand valentines are perfect for your kids class party! And they are a non-candy option, for a sugarless treat! The kit includes valentine cards printed on high quality 110# card stock, mini bubble wands and a satin red ribbon. These are just WAY too cute!

Idea and Photo Courtesy of Paper and Taigh

Dino-Mite Valentine - Dinosaurs are another fave of my kiddo so these Dino-Mite Valentine's were a close second for this year's Valentines! There are lots of cute printables (again, a little too much work to me!) but Amazon has this set that would be perfect for a quick and easy Valentine!

Awesome Dinosaur Non-Candy Valentine Favors with Free Printable Cards.

Idea and Photo Courtesy of Hello, Wonderful 

A-Doh-able Valentine - Another big hit in the preschool world, Playdoh is something you can never have enough of. There are so many cute printables for those who are ambitious enough to attempt! Grab a big bag of mini play-doh and you're set!

Idea and Photo Courtesy of SimplyPchee



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