Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Last minute halloween costumes for kids

Confession--I am the queen of Pinteresting Halloween costumes in the middle of the summer then waiting until two weeks before Halloween to actually put said costume together. So, here we are two weeks from Halloween and no costume in sight. For all those other procrastinators out there we've put together a list of easy, last minute costumes that will have you ready to hit the streets for trick or treating come October 31st. 

Let the Accessories Shine

If we're already 2 weeks from Halloween it's safe to say none of us are going to go full on Martha Stewart and sew up a DIY costume so I have an easy hack for you: accessories! Find a super cute accessory that you can toss on your kid with some basics from their closet and you're all set! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Hannah Anderson Lion Hat-complete this costume with a brown or yellow top and pants and some hand drawn whiskers. Bonus: this hat makes a super cute winter hat, too!
  2. Maisonette Tutu-when all else fails, utilize the tutu! This daisy set would make the sweetest butterfly or fairy. And, your little girl will squeal every time she gets to play dress up this fancy number. 
  3. Meri Meri Accessories-I NEED a little girl so I can put her in this amazing swan costume. It's such a chic costume situation and I'm. HERE. FOR. IT.


Amazon Costumes

A mom's best friend, AMAZON PRIME! Amazon has tons of great costumes that are a good deal and super cute. Fun fact, you can buy Carter's costumes on Amazon. This pineapple costume is definitely one of our faves. How could you not love your little one in this festive costume?

Another great Amazon trick is to snag a dress up set like this construction worker set , super hero capes, or Disney princess set that your little one can play with long after Halloween and you don't have to feel like you totally wasted $40 on one night. 

Don't Sew, Super Glue

As a former elementary school teacher I have a strong love for the hot glue gun and super glue. I certainly don't have time to sew a costume, but a bit of glue takes no time. A few costumes that you can simply put together with glue are:

Bunch of Grapes: blow up purple or green balloons and super glue them to a tee shirt.

Gumball Machine: glue pompoms to a tee shirt and finish with a fun skirt for a girl or simple jeans for a boy.

kids costume

Box of Popcorn: draw a red and white popcorn box on a tee shirt then glue pieces of popcorn to a hat.

kids costume


Happy Halloween, mamas!!!

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