Mother-In-Law Gift Ideas

Mother-In-Law Gift Ideas

If you're like me, shopping for your MIL can be a challenge! Here are some of the presents I considered this year when shopping for mine!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket - These blankets must be the most blogged about item on the planet but they live up to their hype! The Rack version is still great and a little less expensive...perfect for your MIL.

Serving Tray - Everyone can always use another serving tray and this wooden one is perfect for a MIL who likes to host.

Ugg Slippers - Cozy slippers are beloved by everyone in cold climates. If your in-laws come to visit often, snagging a pair to keep at your house is a practical gift!

Sueded Faux Fur Mittens - These faux fur mittens are perfect for the chic MIL or the MIL you wish were a little more chic ha! I kind of want some for myself too!

Personalized Passport Case - Great gift for the MIL who loves to travel! Mark & Graham has great quality, personalized gifts for affordable prices...I always buy a few things for gifts each year.

Test Kitchen Cookbook - Great gift for the MIL who loves to cook. Easy to follow recipes that actually taste good!

Capri Candle - By far my favorite scent from Anthropolgie! Gift it to your MIL so you can enjoy it at her house too.

Long Stemmed Wine Glasses - A MIL who loves wine is a win in my book! Gift her some of these fab glasses so you too can enjoy some wine when visiting.

Nora Fleming Pieces - If your MIL is hard to shop for, buy her a few Nora Fleming Serving Pieces and then you've got a gift to give each occasion with all the little mini's she has. You're covered for at least the next 5 years before you have to come up with a new gift idea!

Letter Mug - A semi-personalized coffee mug is easy and useful. Can't go wrong with the Anthropologie Letter Mugs each season.

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