Online Workout Roundup

Online Workout Roundup

We're well into week 2 of social distancing and daily workouts have been a sanity saver! I'm missing the gym (mostly for the childcare!), but I am so grateful for all the amazing options available online. All of the ones listed here can be done without any equipment but I like to use my yoga mat, 1,3, and 5-pound weights, and resistance bands

obé fitness - I typically get bored with workouts quickly but I've been using obé for over a year now and still love it! It's only $27/month and has tons of live classes daily and a huge selection of on-demand pre-recorded videos ranging from 10-45 minutes. The live classes are fun and the instructors will call out your name so you really feel like you're a part of the class! They also have an app so it's easy to use literally anywhere. My favorite instructors are Madelaine O and Sarah G; their sculpt classes are amazing. The pre and post-natal classes are awesome for new and expecting mamas! They've started adding workouts for kids too which is so awesome to get that quarantined energy out!

Melissa Wood Health - I've been following Melissa Wood on insta for a while now and her positivity is contagious. I finally tried her workout program (free 1-week trial and then $9.99/month) and LOVED it. The workouts are not intimidating but super challenging. She's all about long lean lines and you can do most of her workouts with just your body weight. She uses these adorable Bala bangles weights though and now I want them...maybe a present to myself during quarantine once they are back in stock! 

The Sculpt Society - I started loving Megan Roup's workouts when she was at obé last year and was so sad when she left! Her workouts are so hard and will leave you feeling sore for days! She has a 14-day free trial and then it is $19.99/month. She also trains Something Navy so that makes me love her even more!

Tone It Up - I've tried lots of their workouts over the years and love the variety they have available. The owners, Katrina and Karina, are relatable and fun! Katrina recently had a baby so the pre and post-natal workouts are amazing! My sister is a big fan and uses the app for workouts when the baby naps! They also have a free 1-week trial and then $14.99/month. 

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