Park & Picnic Must Haves

Park & Picnic Must Haves

One of the best things about having little ones in Chicago is the massive number of parks and playgrounds we have within a small radius. This summer, I've made it my mission to venture to as many different playgrounds and parks as possible. I keep a bag full of park/picnic gear in my trunk so we're always ready when have some free time and drive by a new park! Check out my fave must-haves below!  

Washable Picnic Blanket - My favorite washable picnic blanket is the Sun Squad Blanket at Target. It sells out quickly each season and comes in tons of fun prints. This Outdoor Blanket is a similar style and also sand-resistant and machine washable! 

Wet Bag - I use these for sunscreen and keep a backup for wet clothes, bathing suits, etc! 

Mesh Tote - The Mesh Tote is a game changer for beach days and sand parks! It's so lightweight and easy to clean. I love the copious amount of pockets and the mesh bottom so the sand falls out before you get back to the car! I have two in my car, one full of beach toys and the other for all my other park gear!

Collapsible Buckets - I discovered these amazing buckets at my son's t-ball games from another mom who had them for her daughter! I instantly ordered on Amazon and they have become our most used toys this summer. We keep 1 in the stroller and 2 in the park bag in the trunk. When collapsed, they are easy to stack and take up minimal space.

Hats - I always keep a few extra hats in the bag for sunny days! 

Baby Powder - I have a new appreciation for my mom after realizing how much sand gets trekked into the house when we get home from the beach or the sand parks. Baby Powder has become my go-to for getting off the majority of it before we get in the car or head in the house! Just poor some on the kiddos wherever there is dry sand and rub it off! Viola....most of the sand is gone!

Thermos Water Bottle - I try and keep a spare, empty water bottle in the car for those impromptu park days where I don't have the filled water bottles. Thermos brand is my favorite for the kids, they stay super cold and rarely leak.  

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen - This sunscreen feels like powder once rubbed in and doesn't leave you feeling sticky! I always keep a spare in my park bag and my beach bag!

Band-aids - With a 3 and a 5-year-old, we go through dozens of band-aids a week so I always have a pack in every bag, my wallet, the stroller, and the car. The Welly brand seems to stay on really well and this set has antibiotic too! 

Wet-Ones - Wet-Ones are stashed all over our house and every bag and car! I always buy the multi-pack from Amazon and restock as needed. Perfect for wiping off hands for snack, cleaning sticky spills, or wiping off the picnic table!

Towel - The most used item in our trunk is probably our old beach towel. We use it to wipe down wet slides after rain, clean up spills in the car and dry off after the splash pad.



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