Winter Must-Haves

Winter Must-Haves


Winter has basically arrived in Chicago (on October 31st...what a kick to the gut) which has caused the typical mom-panic of "OMG, nothing from last year fits, so here put on this too-small hat and a pair of socks on your hands" until the beloved mailman can deliver all of those last-minute purchases...thank god for Amazon. Now that I've completed my frenzied online shopping I wanted to share my must-haves for the winter months. 

1. When your babe is still small enough for the infant carrier, the car seat bunting is a must-have in Chicago. It's so great for going from the house to the car without having to fully layer the baby in all the winter gear! 

2. We are a big fan of Bogs in our house. They are waterproof, insulated, and easy to get on and off. They hold up well and we've passed my son's old ones on to my daughter and they still look great. They also aren't too heavy which is great for new walkers. I had tried a few other pairs that were way too clunky. For slightly warmer climates (aka not Chicago) I'm a big fan of the classic Hunter Rain Boots. With a thick sock, these are perfect for those who don't live in the polar vortex. The green or yellow are gender-neutral and can be passed down!

3. Jackets are obviously a necessity. I love the Gap packable puffers for wearing in the car seat. They are great for travel too and surprisingly warm for their thickness. Throw on a State of Play Kids Crew underneath for an extra cozy factor! For any prolonged outdoor period, we love the Zara jackets. This adorable blush puffer is my top pick for this winter. I had the green version for my son last winter and it was amazing!

4. The Uppababy Stroller Ganoosh (aka Cozy sleeping bag for your stroller) is a game-changer for winter's in Chicago. It keeps your little one warm in temps as low as -20 degrees and is super easy to clean. If your kiddo is an escape artist like my daughter, it's nice to have an extra barrier preventing them from jumping out of the stroller...buckles have nothing on my toddler. 

5. A bunting is great for kids who aren't yet walking. I love not having to worry about shoes and gloves when they are so tiny. These are also great for baby wearing in the winter!

6. In the city, your stroller is basically your car, so stroller gloves make the incessant demands of your children easier to manage without having to take off your gloves every 15 seconds.

7. Cold & Flu season comes on strong with the cold weather so we keep our humidifiers running all season long. I've tried a few and landed on this one as the front runner. It's easy to clean (my #1 priority) and holds a good amount of water. The light isn't too bright, especially if you turn it towards the wall.  

8. I love cozy winter hats for toddlers! Gap is one of my go-to's and The Children's Place has adorable options too! This trapper hat is adorable and super warm for little guys and this pom-pom hat  is on my list for the new baby if it's a girl!

9. Mittens are CONSTANTLY getting lost so we have bought the 5-pack of these gloves for my son this year. The Head Mittens are really good for colder days and the clip makes it slightly easier to keep track of them. We managed to hold onto them for an entire season last winter!

10. The cold winds are super harsh on my kid's sensitive skin, so we are constantly slathering them with Aquaphor. Throw it in the diaper bag and use it as diaper cream in a bind!



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