Preschool Back to School Favorites

Preschool Back to School Favorites

It's hard to believe that back to school is right around the corner! It feels like summer just started! Although I'm not looking forward to summer ending, I do LOVE back to school shopping! It brings back memories of going to the store with my and picking out my school supplies. She always made it fun and I try to do the same for my kiddos! This year my middle is starting Pre-K 4 and my oldest is starting 1st grade. We've started our shopping and prepping for school! Here is a list of some of our favorites!


For Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4, I like to get a regular size (can fit a folder) backpack so they can fit everything including their lunchbox in the backpack. My kids love the Pottery Barn Mackenzie backbacks in size Small. My oldest has used his since Pre-K 3 and it's still in great shape! I let them pick their pattern and personalize it with their names. We also have the coordinating lunchboxesMy daughter picked the Packed Party Confetti Bag this year. It's so adorable! We also have the coordinating lunchboxes! This year I'm letting my oldest also pick out a new backpack and I'm hoping he likes one of the State Backpacks! I love the patterns and they have great reviews!


Lunchbox - We have the Bentgo lunch boxes that fit great in the Pottery Barn Lunchbox and the State Lunchboxes! I love that they don't leak and the little compartments make packing lunches so much easier.


Icepacks - These Bentgo Ice Packs are great for lunchboxes! They're adorable and thin and come in a pack of 4. So many cute designs!

Labels - Our school requires everything to be labeled so we always order these adorable Minted Name Tags. They're waterproof and have held up really well! So many cute options that kids can choose from and get excited about back to school!

Shoe Labels - Putting shoes back on the correct feet is quite the challenge in preschool and these shoe labels are amazing for helping kiddos get it right! Added bonus you can personalize with your little one's name!

Water Bottles - We love the Simple Modern Water Bottles and the Thermos Water Bottles. Both are relatively leak proof and keep water very cold! The both have straws too which is perfect for preschool.

Stasher Sandwich Bags - I can't count the number of plastic bags I used last year for pre-k so I'm hoping to be better this year with these reusable Stasher bags!

Back to School Sweatshirt - Personalized back to school gear is a must have in our house! P can't wait to rock her Apple Crew to school!

Back to school signs - I love looking back on each year's first and last day of school pictures with the school signs. It's so fun to see how their answers change and how much they've grown. I like these signs because they're thick paper and I save them in their folder for that year with their artwork, school pics, and report cards. 


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