Sunday Saves 11.21

Sunday Saves 11.21

Kim’s Saves

Sequin jumpsuit - All I want for holiday parties this year is sequins and velvet but I don’t want to break the bank!

Burts Bees Baby Pajamas - Connor basically lives in sleepers so I wanted lots of holiday ones for him to rock all December! I love this print because it’s a more subtle Christmas theme!

Girls Sparkle Slippers - Payton got a pair last year for Christmas and loved them! I just ordered these and a Rocketship pair for Gavin and I’m going to have the elf on the shelf give them to them!

Tommee Tippee Owl Sleep Soother - Connor us going longer stretches in his crib but I think he can go longer If he had something to help him fall back to sleep! This little owl has a cry sensor which seems awesome!

Kyle’s Saves 

Artificial Tree - We have a lot more space to decorate for Xmas this year and I want to add a tree to our formal living room. This one has great reviews and the price is reasonable (compared to others)! 

Croissant Ornament - I want said tree to have a theme and I’m thinking food! This croissant ornament is the perfect one to start with. 

Snow Boots - Snow boots are a must-have accessory here in Chicago and I love that these are trendy and practical! These are also selling out every where! 

Wrinkle Patches - One of my girlfriends recommended these at Friendsgiving and I can’t wait to try them! 


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