Sunday Saves 12.19

Sunday Saves 12.19

Kim’s Saves

Packing Cubes - One of my top 10 fave purchases ever. Just got another set to add to my collection because packing for 3 kids is no joke.

Long Sleeve Jumpsuit - Eyeing this cute jumpsuit for a January baby shower! Love the color! 

Brooks Brothers Shirt - Clarks winter wardrobe needs a refresh and these shirts are great quality and classic patterns.

Tassel Turtleneck - I used to love the Loft when I worked in an office but haven't shopped there in years! I keep getting ads for this sweater so I finally added it to my cart!

Kyle's Saves

Toddler Suitcase -  We're leaving for Florida on January 3rd, ah! I'm grabbing this cute suitcase for G. TBD on if we'll have him roll it or if we'll check it, but will definitely need the extra space! 

Toddler Headphones - Another item I'm grabbing for our trip! I like that these are wireless and they have amazing reviews. Graham will also loooove that they light-up (insert mom eye-roll). 

Ancestry Kit - Options are very limited for gifts that you can get before Christmas, but I think an ancestry kit is such a fun gift for literally any adult! You can still get these shipped quickly from Amazon. 

Sherling Boots - I'm loving the moment that sherling is having right now and it is time to bust out those winter boots. These are so fun and are currently on sale! 

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