Sunday Saves 12.5.21

Sunday Saves 12.5.21

Sunday Saves
Kim's Saves

Spanx Green Velvet Leggings - I have the black J. Crew Velvet Leggings from last season and love them. I'm eyeing these green ones for a festive holiday vibe.

Cheese Knife Set - I’m currently dairy free for the baby and I’m  missing cheese sooooo bad. Snagging a new knife set for my reunion with cheese.

Kids Book shelf - One of our bookshelves bit the dust in the move so I’m grabbing this one for the baby’s room!

Farmhouse Globe Pendant Light - We just got this light fixture for our kitchen and I’m obsessed with it!

Kyle’s Saves

Pom Pom Wreath - I just got this wreath for our kitchen and LOVE it! It just makes me happy! 

Acupuncture Mat - I started going back to acupuncture (recommend!) and Johnny and I are super intrigued by this at home may. It has amazing reviews! 

Wax Seal Kit - I love novelty in my life and I thought this kit was SO CUTE to make our Christmas cards extra special this year!

Credit Card Wallet - I love using a credit card holder instead of a big wallet and mine is on it’s last leg. I’m eyeing this one! 

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