Sunday Saves 2.13.22

Sunday Saves 2.13.22

Favorite things
Kim's Saves

Weekender Bag - I'm OBSESSED with this new weekender from Target! Thinking about getting it for Payton's birthday to use when she starts going to sleepovers!

Half Moon Bag - Anthropologie is my go-to for new purses each season. They're affordable and always get a compliment or 2!

Almond Oil - My skin has been super dry this year so I ordered this almond oil and it has done wonders! Doesn't leave you feeling oily, just moisturized!

Floral Pants - These pants popped up in an ad and I fell in love! I love the print and the silhouette. Look like they'll be super flattering!

Kyle’s Saves

Packing Cubes - I’m headed back to Florida with the boys soon and need new packing cubes to take advantage of all that suitcase real estate! 

Glue-on Nails - I’ve been using these glue on nails from Target and love them! They look great and are easy to put on. 

Birks - I saw these Birkenstocks at the store and they’re SO CUTE. Definitely want for summer! 

Lash Primer - I’m out of lash primer and this one had amazing reviews on Amazon! 


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