Sunday Saves 8.1.21

Sunday Saves 8.1.21

It's Sunday Saves! Each Sunday we round up items we've either purchased and loved or saved in our carts for later! 


Vegan Leather Backpack Diaper Bag - I tossed my old Fawn Design Diaper Bag after my daughter was out of diapers but with baby #3 on the way, I'm looking to order this one before the babe arrives!

Toddler Girls' Smocked Short Sleeve Jumpsuit - art class - My 3 year old is in a matching mom phase and doesn't have many jumpers and rompers so I've been on the search for a few so we can twin. This one is in my cart for back to school! 

Old Skool V Sneaker - My little skateboarding 5 year old had these for the past year and they held up great for skateboarding and school. Great quality and easy for him to put on by himself! Just ordered the next size up for Kindergarten!

Magnetic Me Footie Pajamas - Whoever created magnetic onesies is a genius. We received a few when my daughter was born and they were a game changer. Planning on ordering a few gender neutral prints for the new baby!

Rent the Runway - Rent the Runway has been saving my post-partum life! Instead of trying to squeeze into a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit, I've been using their monthly membership for fun items each month. It's great for everyday and special occasions like showers and weddings! I snagged the fun leopard number above for a wedding next week. Use code is RTRFAM510A085, which is good for 40% off the first two months of RTR’s 8 or 16 Item memberships. 

Reward Jar - Graham has been a TREAT so I panic ordered this reward jar to help reward him for positive behaviors like cleaning up toys, brushing his teeth, getting dressed, etc. He gets a special treat when he gets to the line I drew on the jar! 

Joovy Double Stroller - Tucker is outgrowing the infant accessories for the UppaBaby and I'm growing tired of taking it in and out of the car so I'm on the hunt for a great double stroller. I have my eye on this one that a good friend absolutely loves. Do you have any recommendations?!?!

Acrylic Wine Tumbler- We are o b s e s s e d with acrylic wine tumblers because they're light, easy, and our kids can't break them! Our friends over at Monogrammed Peony suggested these and they have not disappointed. I got a set with our last name and they're my new favorite glasses! They're so great as a wedding gift, too. 

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