Sunday Saves 8.22.21

Sunday Saves 8.22.21

 sunday saves

Kim's Saves

Minted Name Tags - Need to order for Payton since she's jealous of Gavin's new nametags! Code BACKTOSCHOOL for 15% off through Monday (exclusions apply).

Armchair - We're moving in a few months and I've been scoping these armchairs out for the family room!

Nursing Pajama Top - Modal pajamas are my fave and these ones will be perfect for nursing at night.

Eufy Vacuum - Kyle has one and loves it so I've got my eye on one for the new house!

Kyle's Saves

Bentgo Box - School is upon us and I'm going to have to get into the swing of packing lunch for Graham. People RAVE about these boxes for packing lunches for kids. 

Camo Polo - I just got this polo for Graham and it's SO FUN! I love fun twists on classic styles and this polo captures that for sure. I also use Rockets of Awesome for seasonal boxes for Graham, it's a great way to refresh staples. If you use this link to sign-up you get a free outfit! 

Sideboard - We are on the hunt for a great sideboard for our dining room and I love the unique look of this one. I want something that makes a statement and this one is speaking to me. Big bonus that it's an amazing price!! 

Hart Necklace - I've been eying Hart jewelry forever and I just can't get over it! I loooove this Mama charm and might be adding a custom charm necklace to my Christmas list. 

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