Trendy Outerwear for Fall and Winter 2022

Trendy Outerwear for Fall and Winter 2022

Fall is around the corner and that means elevating our outfits with outerwear! I love tossing on a fun vest or jacket to add a touch of trendy to my outfit. I've rounded up my favorites for Fall/Winter 2022 below. And good news? There's lots of great price points!

fall and winter coats and jackets

These are the must-have outerwear trends for 2022:

  1. Textured Laying Piece
  2. Classic Camel Jacket
  3. Something Fuzzy
  4. Tailored Wool Coat
  5. Quilted Coat
  6. Refined Sherpa
  7. Work Jacket
  8. Colorblock Vest
  9. Dress Up/Dress Down 

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